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Today I've focused on defining my 'collective' otherwise known as the market I'm targetting with my latest project.


Featuring some hand sculpted 'chewing gum' polymer clay letters. I'm currently thinking about how I can use this gum in my final garments, which might be one to have a discussion about.

I don't really have a name for my collective, again I think it's worth a further discussion with friends and peers. I know this style - or part of it - can be classed as cyber-core so maybe it's as simple as going with that. Maybe it doesn't need a huge analysis of the perfect terminology?

My collective is colourful, cyber orientated, free, energetic and fearless. It's anything but grey and monotonous.

I think this is a nice starting point to move forward with the rest of my final research, so was important to create sooner rather than later.

...because as I said, these things always take a lot longer than you think!

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