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How I Made my video

Describing the creation of my video, from idea to reality.


I used stop motion animation to create the video in iMovie. This was created using photography and photographic frames, with each background encompassing my artwork from this project. I used various animation techniques and distortions to create an energetic, and kinetic background.

I used my teaser video as inspiration as well as my concept boards to tell the story of the protagonist.

It details a person watching television with a dreary dystopian landscape. They are surrounded by others in close proximity yet totally alone. As they mindlessly watch their television they begin to drift into sleep, it is then that their world begins to change and wake up, and you see them transform into my final garments of this project.

This falling asleep and 'waking up' details the realisation that you can take something and redesign, reimagine or rework it to become something completely new, or perhaps something that was always there but just not visible to you.

It loosely corresponds with the sustainability pledges of Superdry and how this new way of creating fashion is fearless and ultimately freeing.

I'm also aware that the video will create different interpretations and encourage this of the viewer! This is deliberate and represents the psychedelic themes of my work.

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