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This project details our protagonist as they travel to a new dystopian utopia through their monotonous viewing of a television screen leading them to drift asleep.

They leave behind the grey and brutalist world they once lived in, echoing our projected future if practices do not change in the way we use resources. The protagonist has now 'travelled' to an alternate place, full of energy and fearless self-expression.

The key to this being that there is nothing 'new' involved, it is simply a way of viewing things differently and transforming what already exists.


Energy is at our core.

You cannot define us.

We are fearless.

Setting trends.

Adventuress Souls.

Creating garments for all, not some.

We are inclusive of all.

Dedicated to action on climate change.

Sustainability is a must.

Actions are taken to prevent the mistakes of the past.

We challenge.

We are creative.

We have no limits.

We are free.

We are fearless. I am fearless.


A little about navigating the blog, please use the tab 'Project' to load all content on one page, if you see three dots there is still content loading.

All posts are in chronological order from when they were uploaded, not necessarily when they were created or photographed!

When viewing images please click on the image to enlarge.

Unfortunately, images can go through quite a heavy compression on the site, leading to some loss of clarity, colours, and pixelation, if required please request original files for clarity.

Each section of the project has its own tab, please click these at the top of the blog to navigate through the relevant work, these can be found by using the 'More' button and down arrow.

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