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Zero Waste

Within this project, it is important to me that I reuse all textiles that I have amassed from my deconstructed garments.


Today I've been working on sampling the applique details on the sleeves of my garment. To do this I have repurposed the panels that I have taken out of the garment during the process of expanding the shape. I have kept as much of every thread, edge, and off-cut which I will be using on the garment to ensure there has been zero waste from the deconstruction and reconstruction process.

Where pieces are large enough they will form part of the textured arm detailing, and the smaller pieces will be used to pad out the pockets on the front of the garment.

This will help me to create a final garment with zero-waste.

I am also avoiding the use of an overlocker to finish the raw hems, to save on thread use, and as I've used paint the edges are sealed and will not fray. A technique which I hope to utilise further in the future!

I have saved all of the unused textiles and threads from this project to recycle or to use in future work, it was important that this body of work is zero-waste and the pollution of microplastic release was firmly in my mind as I deconstructed and reconstructed my jacket.

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