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Why bags?

I mean its a global pandemic, no ones going outside, why would you buy a bag, I hear you scream...

Well, I can answer this.

While sitting around the house, y'know, everyone's new 'Friday Night,' it dawned on me - and a lot of other, actually talented individuals - that I was wasting an opportunity. When would I ever have such a block of time again, with no commute, working flexible hours at home?


I have acquired and accumulated fabric over the last few years - read decade - that just so happen to be ripe for the creation of small handbags. Especially with deadstock or free fabric, you never quite know what shapes you're buying or getting. So with this notion, I created my first bag. Side note this also may have been an excuse to rescue more deadstock fabric from the likes of etsy and ebay...

They are cute and small, and I love them, and also making them.

I hope, that I will have time to expand on the shapes, and designs in the coming months, as I'm eager to create for all, not just quirky, feminine, y2k little beauties.

One day, we will be able to resume life as it was and don't you want to be ready to tackle that day with a beautifully handcrafted, yet also sustainable, guilt-free, supporting a small business, oh so unique, bag, full of hope.

If you are so inclined, you can place an order here

I can and will create anything your brain loves or dreams up.

Also they have pockets inside.



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