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Typography & Graphics

Within the project, I wanted to ensure that the graphics used were all created from scratch to establish that my own aesthetic would carry throughout the pieces.

Below are examples of new typefaces, graphics, artworks, and also examples of combining them with more traditional research imagery. This essentially helped to define my brand identity and to refine my research further.

Please click on an image to enlarge.


Initial typography idea.

Refined artwork exploring the idea of creating as if I myself was a line of code - no rules.

Biscuit Face artwork, conceptually analysing a childhood memory.

Flyer focus on Purpose (God).

Flyer focus on Vice (Drug).

Flyer focus on Companionship (Love).

Below is a selection of GAN-generated artwork. This is an in-depth look at the power of AI and how something can be created solely from noise.

To further explore the GAN-generated Artwork, I created a limited set of boards on my - never to be actually realised - album. As I have always been inspired by music, and the relationship with the artwork, how one creative form can help to create another. This became a theme throughout this project.

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