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Detailing the exploration of possible textiles for application within the project.

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I knew I wanted to incorporate crochet into an accessory within this project, so I initially explored repurposing knit from my last project.

I really liked the texture of this knit, and felt it matched well with the GAN-generated imagery, as it had a wave, and movement to it when crocheted.

I only had so much of this sample, so knew it wouldn't be enough to create the accessory I wanted to. I didn't want to have to dye the knit, as it would cause excess pollution from the project.

I decided to purchase some scrap wool, leftover from a business, as this was the easiest way to repurpose unused wool. This had the added benefit of the wool being completely random, and upon starting to create the crochet squares I could see that this was more in the theme I wanted to capture. It resonated strongly with the artwork I had already produced and the GAN artwork I was beginning to produce, which in itself uses random patchworks of textures to build its images.

Completed garment, number one. I initially wanted the garment to only just be attached by a thread or two as shown below.

I did like the look of the garment, but it left it vulnerable to being pulled apart, and lose its shape too easily by only being held together by a few pieces of yarn.

I then created the second version of the garment, with some scrap tinsel wool I had leftover from a past project. This allowed me to control the shape of the garment with ease, and to add in some textured details on the side of the garment.

The added bonus being this can always be changed and styled differently by undoing the bows.

Photoshoot with the original garment.

Booklet created with the original garment.

I also wanted to explore what textiles were available to me, even though I would not be creating full garments within this project.

Below are some swatches of the fabrics I was considering using to complete my final collection.

Finally, I looked at producing some printed canvas to create a fully printed look. I did not continue with this, as I would not be creating a garment. I do think the artwork above that has been printed shows that the application onto cotton canvas is effective, and could be further explored in the future.

I also wanted to explore computer-generated textures, as something to continue exploring after the project is over. To do this I used similar technology to the design GAN, but this time I used a database of textiles such as denim, cotton canvas, corduroy, crochet, and satin.

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