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Textile Exploration

Over the last few days, I've been exploring how to get the most out of the garments I'm currently repurposing.


I think that a great way to do this is through mediums like paint, which is much more resourceful than producing printed fabric, although in exact quantities it is more sustainable than ordering an entire fabric ream.

Below are some examples of how I have tried to incorporate my target market, gallery research, concept, and current trends, to amalgamate into what I hope to use within the construction of my final garment.

All still WIP with more successful outcomes being taken further in future textile exploration.

I've also been looking using paint to seal the fabric edge - to save on the use of an overlocker - so am hoping to incorporate this into my final garment, perhaps the 'poncho' if I do end up making it.

I may have to admit defeat with the multicoloured knit, I'm concerned about it fitting in with the rest of the garments, part of me is starting to see it as too garish, but this may change when everything starts to come together a little more. I should also add that as it's 70% acrylic, dying isn't really an option, and I'd like to avoid water pollution if possible!

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