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A Start: Market Research Boards

Spent a couple of hours today putting together some ideas for the market I'm targetting within my current project. It's outside my usual realms of design, but perhaps a much more exaggerated version of my own style.


By no means are these refined boards, just somewhere to quickly leave the contents of my head!

I'm defining a market between 16-24 years and documenting the influencers and artists that inspire and of course, influence them.

The second board is examing the relationship between designer and crafter, looking at the original inspiration to the small business creator, not always the most successful outcomes but important to the 16-24 market, especially by price point.

Within this project, I'm enjoying exploring a different market and tone of voice, but also exploring a trend as it grows and becomes more well known.

During a crit we had this week it was suggested I narrow down the top board as it currently encompasses a few trends, and I too think there is one single stronger idea within. So my next tribe research pages will probably refine in on this.

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