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Reworking Ideas

Today I've been looking at one of my final five designs and working back into the initial drawing to create new versions.


I'm trying to work out which part of the garment will be detachable or separate, and how to attach the garment pieces together for the wearer.

These designs don't currently have a colour palette or the application of some of my textile samples just yet. I think it's important to work on the garments I'm going to create first before adding in other elements, especially as our workshop access is so limited due to Covid.

I hope working like this will enable me to create unique and practical outcomes for my chosen market.

Below are some examples of how I've been working today. In the crit I had with some of my peers we discussed there seeming to be a lot of work, but I think that is the beauty of layering pieces, they can always be taken out, or grown onto the garment to make it into one piece.

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