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Researching A Concept

Outlined below is the collection of visual research created for 'All We Ever Look For.'

These entirely digital works of self-created and curated imagery demonstrate the foundation that the project was built upon.

All imagery was created with the album artwork from Kate Bush's 'Never For Ever' in mind, trying to capture the dreamlike and psychedelic artwork that adorns the album.

The imagery is derived from objects of nostalgia.

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When I listen to music, each track creates a world full of unique inhabitants within my mind. I started to base my design research on self-produced music videos, and artwork created to accompany albums and singles. As my interest grew, I wanted to further understand how a piece of music can be translated into a visual infill, music video, or artwork. This interest launched my exploration into AI and its application within fashion design, how can one creative form inspire another?

Translating established deep learning methodologies to fashion is a new horizon for designers. Think of AI not as competition for the designer, but a tool to create a strong, fresh foundation to begin the design process.

Within 'All We Ever Look For' this is further examined. The research that underpins the project is based on my interpretation of the Kate Bush track 'All we ever look for' exploring one's purpose in their own lifetime: searching for a distraction from the inevitable, a greater intelligence, and companionship. The visual research is founded on my own experiences, which turned into a conceptual art world when encoding the relationship between a human and a machine.

I then started to examine my own experiences when asking these questions. In order to create a series of conceptual abstract artwork that would propel my later design work, I looked into my life up to the age of ten. I wanted to use a time in my life when I definitely was not an adult and was still in the process of forming an understanding of my purpose.

The imagery is very abstract and indeed to me brings back many memories of my childhood. The observer may not be able to see the links as I do, but I wanted the project to have this angle, to have a research base that was open to interpretation and may even spark a memory of their own purpose, vice, or relationship.

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