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Today I've been putting together some ideas for a possible photoshoot with the garments I'm currently creating.


I've been collating imagery that ties into the dystopian utopia idea but also has the direction of the cyber trend.

I've been discussing with my peers if a photoshoot will actually be viable with covid still around, so it's possible I will end up collaging and illustrating 'photoshoots' as if we had more freedom: like the previous illustrations from my design direction post.

I'd also really like to try and render some graphics for at least my final outfit/garment, as it fits the concept, but also allows me to expand my skillset. I discussed this with tutors, and it's something I will definitely apply in the next body of work; then perhaps work back into this project at the point of creating my portfolio.

The board I've mocked up below is some of the imagery I've been looking at for inspiration of ways to make an image more interesting through manipulation of images, filters and rendering, set-up of location, and also styling.

I'm not sure that I will use this board though, as I would like to create a video, and although some of the graphics and poses may be used, I will likely take my styling outcome in a different direction. We will see!

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