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Painting Samples

I've been working with my deadstock fabric to achieve the finish I'm going to use on my garment.


My deadstock cotton drill has finally arrived so today I decided to test how well the acrylic medium dyes the fabric. I started off with a mixture of 1 part paint to 6 parts water. I started off by dropping the paint onto the fabric

I then painted over some of the splashes to see what effect I could create.

This was after letting the splashes 'dry' for 5 minutes.

I then let the other side dry for an hour, before painting over.

Which gave me the effect on the right when dry, the side I left 5 minutes being on the left.

I also tried dripping and painting straight over the drips.

Which gave a similar result when dry.

The side on the right has been given a second coat of the water down paint as it's drying too light at the moment.

I'll next try watering down the paint a lot less and see if I can avoid the lighter colour, but then again I may decide to use this colour when painting the garment. I then need to go over the dried samples with the abstract freehand painted graphics I'm adding.

Over this week I'll put together my fabric samples and decide which direction I want to take after my crit on Friday.

I also have some samples below that I discussed with peers and my tutors which I'm keen to use, as I feel it will be effective in covering the printed design of my garment, but also helps to bring in that dystopian, futuristic, energy to the oversized garments.

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