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Naming my Collective

Today I've been planning the last five weeks of my current project.


As I have five weeks left to work on this project I've been organising the work I still have left to do... and planning a house move on Friday!

I've written a lot about how I'm reexamining my concept to strengthen my initial research, which is still ongoing but fortunately, I'm a good third of the way through.

I also need to go back into my design work to organise the layout a little more and to work back into what I have with textiles, print, a little more colour options, but mainly to look at an extended range of multiple garment types.

I also need to start uploading my Superdry research to the blog and to finalise my 6 look line-up for submission, as I still have a few options I'm thinking about.

Looking forward to doing some garment design tomorrow with less of a commercial focus. It's important to me in this project the majority of the work has a commercial outcome, but I also would like to show my less commercial side for juxtaposition within the project.

I've also been thinking about the importance of language within the project, trying to work on a name for my 'collective' or 'market', and have finally settled on dripCORE as a name. I think it embodies the textures within this body of work, but also the style of the influencers I've used to create my tribe.

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