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Initial Silhouettes

Today I've been focusing on some initial outlines and garment shapes.


I began by deconstructing the jacket and then moved on to pattern cloning/tracing for future adaptation. I then started draping on the stand with the deconstructed jacket to create some shape ideas as a starting point for my collage work. I also used some of my own garments to add shape and bulk to the standwork, as well as a few Superdry samples.

Today I've gone back over this work to add a little more information, by tracing over the top. This will continue to be a work in progress, with much more collage and illustrations of different designs to come.

I will be taking my chosen Superdry items and transforming them into something completely new, worlds away from their original form.

I can already start to see some paths I could go down in adapting this garment, including garments I hadn't initially thought of. Looking forward to expanding this process over the coming weeks!

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