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Initial Garments

Photographing my chosen garment + deconstruction.


Documenting the garment, and details, before beginning the process of redesigning my chosen jacket for the market described in my 'tribe' research.

I chose the graphic printed padded jacket, as I knew I wanted to use a jacket of some form to create a look, and that it would be a challenge to deconstruct and reconstruct. Also, I felt that some of the most successful upcycled garments are jackets, so there would be room to work with.

During the deconstruction, I will aim to keep as much of the garment together as possible to minimise the use of more materials and to keep this project as sustainable as possible.

There has been a sample taken out of this jacket, so in the process of creating the new silhouette, I will need to add a panel across the back of the garment to remove this hole.

The jacket also took around 3 hours to deconstruct as it's been professionally made and is fully padded and lined, so I must be mindful of this when reconstructing the garment. I will need to source some deadstock cotton canvas and also some sustainable wadding.

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