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Designing a Collection - Incomplete

Time to share my design work up to this point.


Today I've had a few crits with peers and tutors to go through all of my design work and to discuss where to take it.

I've always maintained that the commercial element should be important to this body of work. Today the idea was posed to me that I should take my stand work, textiles, prints, and patterns and not restrict myself to commercially viable garments for the next 20 or so designs I create.

I don't feel that I have taken my designs anywhere near where they would have gone had the project been solely for myself, I have always kept the collaborative element alive within this project. I think this was important to me, as I want my portfolio of this years work to show two sides. Working under a brand to their tone of voice and then show my own individual style in the next project, hopefully creating a more successful portfolio.

So just for fun and further development, I will now experiment further with some less commercial design work, and focus on full looks.

Below is all the illustrative work I have adapted from my earlier stand work and collage work, most incomplete, half-finished, some much more evolved than others - but I still feel it's important to include as a reference point. I feel there are some very successful outcomes within this work, as I have found that there is something for most people who have been involved in design crits so far.

I have also started to explore the styling outcome of this work: how to pose my models, and the attitude of their silhouettes.

I'm looking forward to taking this even further and creating some brand new garments over the coming weeks: also to sharing finalised line-ups!

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