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Customer Profile

A little more work on the customer-focused boards.


'Hard to define... so I won't.'

Today I've been working on adding colour to my garment designs and on my customer profile boards so they have a clearly defined look. I'm pretty happy with the direction these boards are starting to take, which is rare for me, so the plan is to continue working on my market research over the coming days.

I'm also still considering the name of my market, and during a crit with peers was told to start writing out examples, so I've listed a few below,


Internet Ref




I want the market research to show that this tribe really is fearless in their attitude towards life. Showing that when it comes to expressing themselves and their views they have no fear of what anyone else thinks. They dress for themselves only.

Comparable to the nudibranch and how its diet alone dictates the colour way it presents.

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