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Crochet Samples

Over the weekend I worked on some crochet samples for my 'vest' underneath the garment.


I've been experimenting with what this could look like - images to come - and working on some textile samples in different sizes.

I also managed to get my hands on some sustainable, donated knit, specifically the cable and ribbed knit which I hope to repurpose within the design.

Originally the plan was to dye the knit that I'd sourced from a donated jumper, but as it is largely acrylic, and to save my limited time on this project, I've decided to use the colours within my original knit to help inform my colour palette. This is also good news as it saves on polluting water with the dye, as a natural dye wouldn't be strong/pigmented enough.

I've also been thinking about how to sustainably source wadding. I have a slight moral issue with buying duvets and cushions from charity shops from those that may otherwise need bedding. Perhaps I can source wadding elsewhere sustainably, from damaged coats or deadstock. Something to think about.

I've purchased some deadstock 100% cotton drill from AmoThreads to enlarge the original donated jacket, and to produce the caped/poncho feature of my 'working' final design. This fabric would have likely been burnt if not saved and repurposed.

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