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Concept I

This week I've been re-examining my concept to strengthen my research and to aid in the final iteration of my garments.


When I first started the project I was initially drawn to the idea of a dystopian world, where everything is not quite as it seems. I was examing the word energy and what that meant to me.. leading me to lifeforms and nature, and ultimately the nudibranch. This can be seen in my early concept work and boards, where I quickly art-ed up some ideas and went from there in regards to my textile work and market. I wanted to take a step back from that and really set the scene of this dystopian utopia and also reference the infamous Kowloon walled city in Hong Kong, as I feel this is close to what I envisaged when setting the scene.

I feel it is important to re-examine my 'story' and to continually strengthen the research around it. Over the next few weeks, I will be creating more boards telling the story of this project, culminating in a styling outcome.

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