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Buying less

Easier said than done in the current crazy consumerism mad climate we live in

It would be amazing to live in a world that afforded everyone the ability to buy quality, and not into a false economy. Realistically this isn't an option for a large proportion of society.

I myself have challenged myself to buy a lot less, and it is difficult. As a lifetime subscriber to 'I feel a bit sad, a new top will cheer me up' club. When you actually think about it, what are our clothes to us?

I've been a little fascinated by a TEDXTalk for a little over 11 months. It's by L. Arnault on technology and its implementation into fashion, and in it, they are describing what clothes mean to the consumer. Yes they look nice, yes they help fill a void of sadness, but ultimately they are us. They tell the majority of people we encounter what we stand for, what our tastes are, and identify us. You are what you wear.

With this in mind, I have purposefully stopped consuming 'quick fix' fashion items. Now, if there is something I feel I must purchase, I ensure it's quality, shop small, and independent where possible, and most importantly I wait. I have a lot of clothes that show who I am and should be in no rush to purchase a wardrobe full more.

This in itself is a privilege and a luxury to be able to do, and I'm aware of that.

If you are making minimum wage, a single parent, with children to clothe and feed, one of the very last things you would be worrying about is where the replacement children's socks you just purchased from Primark came from.

This is why it is super important that we put the onus onto the manufacturer. Those that have the option to protest with their money, should actively be doing so.

It's one small way that we can start to implement a change.


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