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Branding Consideration

I've been looking at branding options over the last few days.


Below are some rendered labels to be used on the back neck, sleeve, cuff, and hem. I wanted to stay very close to the original design as it had already proved successful for the brand. So I have played with placement and introduced a few key colours from my final line-up.

I have have used tonal blacks and greys, which lends itself to look further at the design, and creates an interesting dynamic to the label when viewed in the light.

I've also rendered the labels to have textured paint or rubber applied for the 'X' on some labels giving a texture which could be particularly successful on areas that are likely to be touch-points such as hems and sleeves.

*The compression of this website has led to some of the tonal colours being a little more lost than they appear in the original files!

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