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A Trip to Ikon

Yesterday I visited Ikon Gallery to view the ongoing exhibition 'THE END OF FUN!' by Kristof Kintera.


"I am aware of our responsibility for drastic changes of climate, extinctions of species and all kinds of living organisms, and therefore we'll face sooner or later fatal problems. It is our shame, it is my shame."

This rang true to me, and especially when I think of the importance of a more sustainable fashion industry.

I found that there was humour to his work, and also an energy, even when addressing such huge worldwide issues. The gallery felt like a dystopian world, and the use of putty and resins combined with the lichtenberg figure on the first floor of the exhibit really aligned with some of my current research. Inspiring me to get a bit more creative with my textile developments! This incorporates a relationship between dystopian worlds and energy and will help to inform and guide my concept.

I'd recommend a visit, and a donation to the gallery if you can!

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